How to import electric motorcycles from Asia?

The way we move around in both small and large cities has changed in recent years. The central areas of many towns have given way to electric vehicles and pedestrians in order to improve the quality of the air we breathe.

Electric vehicles have gained popularity and urban governments and private companies are now meeting the social demand for this type of transport. Electric motorcycles are one of the most popular elements of urban mobility in cities around the world. Most of them are manufactured completely or partially in Asia. American and European countries import them from Asia and adapt them to the local market, complying with current regulations so that they can be used on urban roads.

Company to import electric motorcycles from China

To import, we recommend using a logistics operator that knows all the procedures and helps us to transport the motorcycles from China to your country. Logisber is a company that, thanks to its extensive experience in the logistics and transport sector, specializes, among other things, in importing electric motorcycles from China to American and European countries.

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What are the requirements for importing electric motorcycles from Asia, specifically from China, Japan, or South Korea?

  • Commercial invoice, which must include the importer’s data, supplier’s data, details about the electric motorcycles and their components, and the Incoterms.
  • Packing list, with details of the weight, size and number of products being transported in the commercial shipment.
  • Bill of landing, which is the document required to be provided by the company importing the electric motorcycles.
  • Certificate of origin, proving the source of the imported products.

Providing all the data at the destination customs in America or Europe will help the smooth flow of transit. Efficiency and good management of the entire transportation process will ensure that shipping and receiving times are reduced.

Do you need to bring electric motorcycles to your country? At Logisber we support you in all steps of the logistic chain. During the process you will be able to know with total transparency in which place and state your merchandise is. Contact us now and we will inform you about the steps to take to make the transport a complete success.