How to import electric vehicles for urban mobility?

Many large cities in countries around the world have begun to implement strategies in favor of sustainability and the environment. Many city councils and autonomous communities are legislating in favor of the fight against climate change and are aiming to only allow electric vehicles and pedestrians to travel in city centers. There are several companies that install urban mobility vehicles in a variety of locations.

It is common to see electric scooters that are activated via smartphone by scanning a QR code, used mainly by young people and teenagers to travel short distances between one point and another in the city. There are also electric bicycles that are operated in the same way as scooters.

In the case of larger cities, local governments allow the use of electric scooters and cars that can be unlocked by cell phone. These allow citizens to move through the city at a very low cost. This encourages this type of urban mobility and reduces pollution in cities.

Most of the components that make up this type of vehicle are manufactured in Asia. Other countries in America, Europe, Africa, or the Middle East need to import these components to be able to distribute these vehicles throughout the cities.

Importers of electric cars and motorcycles from China

Whether they are single components or vehicles with assembled parts, in both cases they need to be transported in compliance with all customs requirements, regulations of the destination country (taking into account whether it is the European Union, United States or Latin America), presentation of the commercial invoice, packing list, bill of landing and certificate of origin, payment of tariffs, etc… Logisber, a logistics operator specialized in this type of transport by truck or rail, by ship or by plane, is a great support in these cases.

Sustainable mobility is a fact, and, in a few years, we will not see polluting vehicles in cities. This is for the good of the planet and the quality of life of future generations.

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