How to import food from Jaén?

There are many people from Spain living around the world. They have had to leave their homeland to rebuild and continue their lives in other countries for work or personal reasons.

Thanks to the international transport of goods, these people are able to reduce the distance between them and their family roots and traditions. There are supermarkets and stores all over the world that sell food and beverage from different countries, even if they are on the other side of the ocean. There are suppliers and distributors that import and export these kinds of products attending the existing demand.

The products of Jaén have a great acceptance among Spanish people who live outside Spain, but also among foreigners who visit this Andalusian region for work or tourism. An example of them are the Asian citizens from nations such as China, Japan or South Korea, or citizens from the United States, Mexico and Canada or Central and South American countries.

Outside the province of Jaén there is a great demand of these foods and many people wonder where to buy them if they are thousands of miles away. What are the most imported food products from Jaén? Although there is a wide variety, the following are the most important ones:

  • Cured Jam and other products from Iberian pork.
  • Olive oil: “picual”, arbequina, extra virgin, etc.
  • Olives in bulk
  • Sheep and goat cheese
  • Honey, jam and chocolate
  • Bottled mineral water
  • Wine
  • Traditional sweets
  • Fruits and vegetables

How to import oil and ham from Jaén?

When considering a freight forwarding operation from Jaén, we must take several aspects into account, such as import and export regulations and the type of container in which we will ship the food. We must also assess the need to vacuum pack the perishable products so that they do not deteriorate as they and to know the tariffs of the destination country, among other issues.

Do you need to import products from the province of Jaén or from a more specific place such as the Sierra de Cazorla, Linares, Úbeda or Andújar? Contact us now and we will help you to transport your cargo, from the origin to its final destination in a warehouse or store in any city of the world.

All of it with the guarantee that you will know where your goods are at every moment. Because two of Logisber’s values are transparency and security.