How to transport electric scooters internationally?

More and more people and societies are taking sustainability and care for the planet into account. As individuals, we can make decisions in our daily lives that benefit the environment. These decisions can also be taken by companies, institutions, organizations, associations and groups of all kinds, with the aim of leaving a better planet for future generations.

One of the actions that is having the greatest impact and development in many countries is the use of electric vehicles and, specifically, electric motorbikes. Electric motorbikes are a common sight on the streets and avenues of hundreds of cities. They are an environmentally friendly means of transport because they do not release carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide emissions.

In addition to being marketed and sold in shops, the electric scooter is one of the forms of transport classified as urban mobility. And there are already many town and city councils that, in partnership with companies of all kinds, have already incorporated them as an interurban mobility service. Anyone can sign up for a mobile app or database and use one after unlocking it with their smartphone.

But how can you transport any brand or model of electric scooter internationally? At Logisber we are experts in the transportation of electric vehicles. Depending on the client’s needs and the number of motorbikes, we can choose one type of transport service or another.

  • Transportation of electric motorbikes by plane. Depending on the number of vehicles or their parts, such as batteries, control box, wheels or bodywork, this is the fastest way, especially for long distances.
  • Transportation of electric scooters by ship. The movement of goods on container ships enables a large volume of motorbikes, their components and spare parts to be shipped. It is slower than air transport but very effective, and cheaper.
  • Transportation of electric motorbikes by truck. If the route is regional, national or continental, this is a good way to transport electric motorcycles. In addition to road, these non-polluting vehicles can also be transported by rail.
logistica transporte motos electricas importar exportar

A company to safely transport an electric motorbike

At Logisber, we guarantee safety and transparency in all of our services. We specialize in customs formalities, the correct labelling of goods and their protection so that they do not suffer any physical damage. Thanks to the way we work, you will have real-time information about where your imported or exported goods are.

Does your company or government administration need to transport electric motorbikes with different cylinder capacities in order to improve the quality of public mobility? Contact us now and Logisber’s team of professionals will advise you on the whole process so that the logistics operation is a complete success regardless of any disadvantages or problems.