Importing chemical products from China by ship

The international trade of chemicals is essential for a number of industries, such as chemicals and pharmaceuticals, where active ingredients and specialty products are key. Importing these products from China involves a number of crucial processes and regulations to ensure safety and compliance.

One of the most efficient means of transport for moving dangerous goods such as chemicals across the globe is by ship. This type of transport, although slower than cargo aircraft, ensures that larger quantities of chemicals can be shipped very safely and economically from China to any country across all five continents.

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Logisber is specialized in the transportation of chemical products and is certified by Good Distribution Practices. In addition, we offer a weekly consolidated freight service from Shanghai to Barcelona.

For this reason, we are perfectly aware of the issues that are important when starting the import of chemical products from the Asian giant:

  • Optimum route choice: Reducing risks and optimizing the transport of dangerous goods begins with selecting the right route from China to the destination country, whether it is in America, Oceania, Europe, Africa or another Asian nation. Choosing the right route by ship will help reduce time and costs.
  • Guarantee safe transport: Safety in the logistics process is a priority. Designing highly reliable transport chains, backed by international institutions such as the Chemical Distribution Institute (CDI), is vital. This body guarantees safety standards in the handling of chemicals.
  • Inspections and rigorous checks: Implementing safety measures at every stage, from chemical packaging to labelling, is essential. In compliance with the strictest safety and security agreements, it is important to carry out thorough inspections and controls throughout the logistics process.
  • Compliance with international regulations: Organizations importing or exporting dangerous goods such as chemicals must comply with the guidelines of the Chemical Distribution Institute (CDI) or the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code. Compliance with these standards ensures safety from loading to unloading when transporting by sea and ocean.
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The best advice for transporting dangerous goods by ship

When importing chemical products, it is essential to be very careful with all of the above, as well as other aspects such as customs, tariffs, etc. At Logisber we help companies to boost their logistics operations around the world in a transparent, personalized, efficient, traceable and risk minimizing manner.

If you would like to import chemical products from any city or region of China by sea transport, contact Logisber now and our team of experts will advise you immediately so that the hazardous goods are transported carefully and in strict compliance with international regulations.