How to import Asian rice by sea freight from Europe

Globally, food and beverages are some of the most transported categories of goods. All over the world, there are production centers that cover huge areas dedicated to the cultivation of fruit, vegetables and pulses, as well as large tracts of land and bodies of water where animals are reared.

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In Europe, it is common to cook with products imported from Asia. A prominent example of this is the importation of Asian rice into various regions of the continent. This cereal, known for its quality and the diversity of its varieties, such as Basmati from India, Jasmine from Thailand or glutinous rice from Laos, is a highly valued product on the European market and in its gastronomy. Transporting it in a container ship is one of the most common and economical ways, although it can be complex if you do not have much experience in international logistics. What should be taken into consideration?

  • Food safety: the rice transported must meet the quality and food safety standards set by the European Union, so that citizens can have access to safe, healthy food of the highest quality. As a general rule, rice is transported packaged and requires complete and clear labeling including origin, production dates, etc.
  • Maritime transport conditions: aspects such as price per ton, delivery conditions such as the FOB Incoterm (the buyer assumes responsibility once the rice is loaded onto the shipment) or the CIF Incoterm (the seller is responsible for transport and insurance to the European port of destination), payment terms, packaging or documentation should be assessed.
  • Control at the departure port: It is essential that the rice is loaded in the most suitable container, selecting the size in feet that best fits the load. In addition, adequate protection of the goods must be ensured to guarantee safe and traceable transit.
  • Customs at destination: once the rice arrives at the European port, it is subject to customs formalities. Applicable import duties must be paid, and European Union import requirements must be met. Customs clearance must be diligent to avoid delays in distribution.

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Importing rice from Asia into European countries

Companies in countries such as Spain, the Netherlands, France, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom import Asian rice to meet consumer demand. Once the rice arrives at port, it is transported by road or rail to warehouses throughout the continent. In order for the tons of rice to arrive from Asia to any city in Europe, it is very helpful to have the advice of a freight forwarder that specializes in this sector.

At Logisber we help European rice importing companies to bring their goods from places like India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Thailand and Cambodia. If you are interested in transporting rice by ship, contact Logisber now and our team will provide you with personalized step-by-step instructions on all the aspects you need to take into account, such as the volume that fits in a container according to its size, the price of the transport or the fastest and safest maritime route through the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea, the Gulf of Aden, the Red Sea, the Mediterranean Sea or the Atlantic Ocean.