International freight forwarder: Logisber is committed to the future

International freight forwarder: Logisber, a renewed brand with an eye on the future

As an international freight forwarder, Logisber has completely renewed its image by betting resolutely on the future based on efficiency, security and flexibility for goods.

The history of humanity has been made up of small steps that have generated great changes: routes such as the Silk Road and engineering works such as the Suez Canal have contributed to the opening of commercial routes and the exchange of goods and merchandise.

The past has brought us to the present and the present is leading us to the future. A future marked by the physical and digital connectivity of people and goods that follow paths and cross continents.

“At Logisber we have renewed our image to show that we remain committed to the future and to the needs of our customers”


At Logisber we have adapted to these new times in which speed, agility, communication and connectivity are paramount. And we have done so by completely renewing our image and brand, while still complying with our main values when it comes to providing service: we are efficient, safe and flexible.

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As an international freight forwarder, we bring the world closer to companies with a renewed image

At Logisber we have written our history with every shipment made since 2006. Since then, we have brought the world closer to companies and made goods available to the markets.

Now we continue to unite companies and markets, connecting businesses through our experience in a global and technological world and creating adapted and advanced logistics solutions for our customers, but we do so with a new image that transmits our commitment to the future of companies and our permanent adaptation to new times.

The knowledge of our team of professionals and the technology make us decisive; our experience and the fulfillment of the most demanding regulations assure the effectiveness of the operations.

“We bring companies and markets together, connect businesses and create tailored and advanced logistics solutions”

We design, manage and control any shipment regardless of volume, size or condition of the goods. With our global network of agents around the world we build tailored, fast and efficient logistics solutions. Our services are designed to contribute to the internationalization of companies and their growth in the global market.

Our customers’ goods are our responsibility and we handle and transport them safely by land, sea and air. We are flexible and we deliver the merchandise in the right place at the right time. We optimise processes, reduce risks and use the latest technology for logistics management.

“We are the logistics partners of companies in their process of internationalization and growth in the global market.”

Logisber is an international freight forwarder and a strategic partner in the supply chain. 5,000 companies in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, construction, electronics, energy and textiles trust us to manage their goods.

More than ten years of experience and six offices around the world are our guarantee to continue growing together with our customers and for the benefit of people. We are the logistics partners of companies in their process of internationalization and growth in the global market.

We have renewed and modernised our image and our brand because we continue to be an essential link in the logistics chains of the companies that entrust their goods to us. Our commitment to the future is to continue accompanying our customers, always adapting to their logistical needs to take their goods wherever they need to go.