How can bottles of wine be transported by boat?

Wine is a beverage that is consumed all over the world and its distribution is therefore an important aspect for the wine industry. To ensure that wine bottles arrive at their destination in perfect condition, it is important to consider all the different logistical factors, such as security, labelling, beverage transport regulations, among others.

In this context, maritime transport in container ships has become an attractive option for the industry, as it allows for the transportation of large quantities of wine bottles over long distances. The following recommendations can be adopted for transporting bottles of wine by boat.

  • Preparing the bottles: Before packing the wine bottles, it is important to make sure that they are clean and dry. They must also be labelled correctly and checked to ensure that the labels are correctly fixed to both the product and the cartons, which will help traceability. Because this product is fragile, land transport to the port must be rigorous, safe and efficient in order to avoid any kind of breakage in transit.
  • Bottle packaging: When transporting wine bottles, it is best to use heavy-duty corrugated cardboard boxes to protect them during transport. It is important to ensure that the bottles are placed in the crate in such a way that they do not move during transport. That is why it is important to personalise each shipment.
  • Loading into the container: Once the bottles have been packed in the warehouse or shop and transported to the port of shipment, they must be loaded into a suitable container. For transporting wine on a container ship, refrigerated containers or dry containers can be used. It is important to check that the container is clean and in good condition before loading the boxes.
  • Customs documents: Transporting wine across international borders is subject to specific customs regulations and requirements. Within the European Union there are different regulations depending on whether the wine is exported from Europe to America, Asia, Oceania, or Africa. It is therefore essential to ensure that you have all the necessary documentation to pass through customs when transporting bottles of wine.
exportar vino vino en barco

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