The best transport company for exporting cars and motorbikes from Spain

The automobile industry is evolving every year. Decades ago, few imagined that people would be able to drive electric cars with a range of several hundred kilometers or that electric motorbikes would be available to citizens in cities. More and more cities are opting for non-polluting traffic in urban areas. The aim of all this is to protect the environment and reduce the carbon footprint of their citizens.

In Spain there is a wide variety of models and makes of motorbikes and cars. Some of these vehicles, due to their characteristics and potential, are purchased from abroad. For transfers within the country or region itself, or to nearby countries within the European Union or neighboring countries, transport can be carried out by lorries. We transport cars and motorbikes from Spain to countries in Eastern Europe, Central Europe and Northern Europe.

If the destination is on another continent, on an island or in a very remote area, we will have to transport the goods by container ship from important ports such as Barcelona or Valencia. In the case of motorbikes, the transportation is the same, although in this case, due to their size, they can also be transported by air.

When exporting from Spain to another European country, to America, Asia, the Middle East, Oceania or Africa, it is very helpful to have the advice of an experienced logistics operator such as Logisber. We specialize in the transport of vehicles globally and we help companies with all the procedures, the correct labeling of the merchandise, the presentation of documentation, customs requirements and the payment of customs duties.

como exportar motos y coches desde españa empresa logistica

How can a car be transported by boat or truck?

If you are a business and you need to send cars or motorcycles abroad, contact Logisber now and we will accompany you throughout the logistics process so that the vehicles reach their destination in the most efficient and safe way, in the shortest possible time and at the lowest cost.