6 reasons why you should choose Logisber as your customs agent

Whenever we think of exporting and importing goods, a series of terms associated with this type of freight forwarding operations come to mind. Aspects such as the shipping time, the shipping cost and the transit through customs are three aspects that any company has in mind when importing or exporting products.

Entrusting the shipment to a specialized company that takes care of the transit through customs is the best way to know that our cargo will reach its destination without complications.

Logisber has an extensive and accredited experience thanks to the thousands of freight forwarding operations carried out all over the world. We are specialized in checking, facilitating and performing any customs clearance operation. Here are some reasons why you should choose Logisber as your customs broker:

  • Agile management in all steps from the beginning to the end of the transit through customs.
  • Wide network of specialists in customs procedures and formalities.
  • We help you know in a simple and fast way which is the tariff classification of any shipment.
  • We take the necessary steps to ensure that the documentation is correct when delivering it to any customs office in the world.
  • We keep you up to date with the latest Incoterms and analyze the transportation risks to anticipate any mishap.
  • We are an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO). This allows us to manage logistics chains efficiently, with expert advice on customs declarations and tariff classification.

The best customs broker in Spain and the European Union

We have the certifications and the knowledge to manage all types of imports and exports of any company in an optimized way, from the European Union. In addition, we provide tailor-made and personalized consultancy for our clients’ projects.

Logisber drives shipments through customs in a simplified way and with the highest security. Do you have problems in your shipments due to customs clearance? Trust us and get better results.