The advantages and disadvantages of overland transport

Thousands of goods are moved every day in all the countries of the world. From a small supplier delivering packages to a nearby store, to a delivery driver bringing an e-commerce order to our home, or a large truck carrying large pallets of materials from one city to another in the country.

Overland transport is one of the most widely used means of transport in the logistics chain. Products can be transported by different types of transport such as trucks, railroads, vans, cars, motorcycles, and even bicycles or scooters. There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to this mode of overland transit of goods. First, we will discuss the benefits and their characteristics:

  • It is economical. It is cheaper to transport goods by truck than by other means such as plane or ship.
  • Greater reach. With land transport it is possible to reach even the most remote places in a country, whether by road, highway or cross-country. If a car or motorcycle does not reach the destination, it is always possible to walk the last few meters to deliver a package.
  • Easier distribution. When goods arrive at a port by ship or at an airport by plane, distribution to the final destination or to a logistics warehouse must be done by land transport.

On the other hand, there are a number of disadvantages related to land transport, which favor other models of freight transport such as sea or air.

  • It is slower. Distances, traffic, or any inconvenience on the road increase the delay in shipments. If we need to transport a package to a place that is very far away, it will always be faster to send by plane.
  • The barrier between continents and islands. The seas and oceans create a natural border that make it impossible to complete the journey using land transport alone, without the help of a plane or a ship.
  • It is the least polluting part of the journey. Electric vehicles are gradually increasing their presence in cities. Electric vans for the delivery of goods protect the environment, and railways that run on renewable energy are sustainable.
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The services of a road transport company

For any kind of transit of goods and parcels, it is essential to have the help of a logistics operator such as Logisber. Our team of professionals advises companies in each and every step of the logistics chain, from the reception of the products, to their storage and shipment to any country in the world. All this considering the traceability of the goods and their transit through customs in compliance with the regulations, tariffs, and requirements at each border.

Do you need to send products by truck, train, or other means of transport? Contact us now and we will tell you the best way to get your goods to their destination in the fastest, safest, most efficient, economical, and sustainable way.