Customs Warehousing: the best way to store your cargo safely and securely

Thanks to e-commerce, the global transit of goods has grown exponentially in recent years. In the past, the end customer rarely contacted a foreign company directly to order a product. The contact was made between a local company importing the material and the company in another country selling it.

Many companies have gone digital and a large number of sales are made through their website or through marketplaces such as Amazon or Aliexpress. Thanks to the bonded warehouse we can have a stock of products in the middle of the shipping chain in order to reduce costs and safely store our merchandise.

The customs warehousing is monitored and under the control of the country’s customs. The authorities guarantee the protection of the cargo that we store. That’s safer than if we store it in a private industrial warehouse or public warehouse outside customs.

The best logistics warehouse in ports

The goods are registered in the warehouse under a customs regulation that links the products to the company, so there is no danger of loss or misplacement. These logistic warehouses are becoming more and more important in international shipments.

At Logisber we provide companies with a customs warehousing that adapts to the needs of each client at all times. In addition, we work with companies offering the possibility of creating a bonded warehouse that accomplishes the regulations.

The features of Logisber’s bonded warehouse are:

  • Possibility of storing goods safely in customs
  • Reduced bureaucracy and flexibility
  • Single point of goods management
  • Simple and fast management of stored products and goods
  • Personalized and constant customer service

In addition, one of the greatest advantages of the customs warehouse is that it allows you to save costs, because you reduce the time your goods spend in ports. With this system, the payment of duties and VAT is suspended until the goods have a definitive customs destination.

If you don’t have a customs warehouse, you must pay VAT and duties in advance, instead of waiting for the goods to arrive at their destination.

If you ship internationally and need your goods to be in the best hands, contact us now and we will help you choose the best type of bonded warehouse.