The importance of comprehensive logistics for export success

Many factors come into play when shipping goods. From the contact with the sender of the shipment, through the freight forwarding operation, to the receipt of the shipment. In each of these three phases, dozens of details must be taken into account so that everything is done correctly and there are no setbacks or problems that cause a package or container to be lost or not reach its destination.

When the goods are exported to another country, we must add a series of different aspects to those we follow when the shipment is national. For example, compliance with the regulations of other nations and continents, the language barrier in some specific cases, payments in several currencies, knowledge of the tasks performed at customs, etc.

In this sense, it is better to rely on a company like Logisber, which develops comprehensive logistics and makes exports a success at all stages. But what does this way of working consist of?

Characteristics and benefits of integrated logistics

Integrated logistics is a way of working whose objective is to achieve the greatest efficiency in the logistics of the transport of goods. Thanks to this, the following benefits are achieved, which make the freight forwarding operation profitable:

High flexibility – Reduction of economic cost – Less time spent – Personalized service

How is this achieved? It is not enough to have the project in mind and start developing it, it takes many hours and effort for everything to go perfectly. The shipment must be prepared in such a way that the volume of goods shipped is appropriate at all times. There must be permanent and fluid contact between the logistics company and the entire shipping chain, from the warehouse where the stock is located, to the carriers or the customs offices that the shipped goods will cross.

Everything has to be a machine that works perfectly. If we get the goods shipped at the right time, we will gain time and profitability. And the companies and individuals that send and receive the products will count on our guarantee of time reduction, effectiveness and good work.

Having an integrated logistics system means great savings for companies’ exports. At Logisber we have extensive experience in this area and our customers are 100% satisfied with our service, which is why they trust us. Do you want to make a shipment in the shortest time possible and at the best price? Contact us now.