Exporting machinery from Europe to the United States by ship

Transporting heavy machinery by ship is always a complex task involving several factors. The United States and Europe are two of the regions where most of these operations are carried out. Maritime transport across the Atlantic Ocean requires careful logistical planning and execution.


Exports from Europe to the United States begin with the transfer of the machinery to the European port of departure. This movement of goods is carried out by road or rail transport. Once the goods arrive in the port, what steps must be taken into account to export machinery safely and efficiently?

  • Choose a specialized transport company: it is important to hire a transport company with experience in international heavy machinery shipments.
  • Analysis of technical requirements: shipments of these types of goods have specific packaging and transportation requirements. Whether it is heavy machinery, oversized cargo or special cargo units, the transportation company must make a detailed analysis of the dimensions, weight and characteristics to determine the best way to pack and handle the project cargo.
  • Prepare the documentation: our merchandise must include documents such as commercial invoices, packing lists, certificates of origin and all the documents that will be requested by customs.
  • Packing and loading: the freight forwarder must properly prepare and secure the goods for sea transport. This may include the use of special containers, structural reinforcements, or additional safety measures.
  • Customs formalities and authorizations: we must know the requirements of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the documentation we have to submit. This includes obtaining export authorizations and paying tariffs.
  • Shipment tracking: during maritime transit, the carrier must provide continuous tracking of the shipment. Traceability is an essential service.

Empresa de project cargo para llevar maquinaria a Estados Unidos

Project cargo company for delivering machinery to the U.S.A.

Fulfilling all the formalities is an arduous task. Having advice from a freight forwarder specializing in the export of machinery will help us to solve all the difficulties that may arise. At Logisber we are experts in this type of maritime transport and this is endorsed by our more than 15 years of experience in project cargo transporting agricultural machinery, cranes, industrial vehicles or construction and mining machinery.

We analyze the type of machinery, its weight, dimensions, and shape to ensure that the cargo is shipped in compliance with current regulations and under comprehensive protection. If you wish to export machinery from any city in Europe to the United States of America, contact Logisber now and our team will give you personalized advice.