How to ship maritime cargo to the United States

Maritime transport is an important part of international trade. One of the most important countries when it comes to receiving goods by container ship from all over the world is the United States of America. Either via the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean or even the Arctic Ocean.

When it comes to maritime transport, there are two main options. On the one hand, there is the FCL (Full Container Load) and, on the other, the LCL (Less than Container Load), each with different advantages and considerations.

  • FCL (full container load): ideal for companies with large volumes of goods. The client hires an entire container, which guarantees the exclusive shipment of the goods. This not only offers greater security for the goods, but also greater speed compared to other methods, as there is no need to consolidate goods from different customers into a single container.
  • LCL (less-than-container load): a suitable option for smaller volume shipments. In this case, several customers share a container, reducing costs for each customer. Although it may take longer due to cargo consolidation, it is still a viable alternative for companies shipping a small number of parcels that fall short of filling a container.

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For any company wishing to ship goods to the United States, it is important to know, among other things, the requirements for customs, tariffs, labeling and packaging. For this purpose, it is very helpful to have a reliable and expert partner in maritime logistics to help us with all the formalities. What are the benefits of having this advice?

  • Simplified tracking: specialized shipping providers offer advanced tracking systems that allow companies to monitor the status of their cargo in real time, providing security and transparency throughout the entire process.
  • Professional support: expert teams provide assistance at every stage of the shipping process. From initial planning to final delivery, they are available to resolve any questions or problems that may arise.
  • Time and cost savings: efficiency is key in maritime logistics. Each shipment needs to be optimized for maximum performance, resulting in time and cost savings for companies.
  • Global and secure management of the shipment: it is important that the company that transports our packages has knowledge of international logistics, ensuring that the merchandise arrives in the United States safely and without delay.
  • Customized options: the freight forwarder must adapt to the specific needs of each customer, ensuring that each type of goods is transported in an optimal way.

Empresa de transporte para enviar mercancías a Estados Unidos

Freight forwarder for shipping goods to the United States

At Logisber we implement a wide range of shipping operations to the United States and other countries every day. We offer a comprehensive service backed by an international network of agents and customized solutions in logistics and transportation. We understand U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) requirements and provide secure and competitive options tailored to the specific needs of each of our customers.

If you have a company and want to send your goods to the United States by container ship in a personalized, traceable, secure and efficient way, contact Logisber now and our team of specialists in maritime transport will tell you what solutions we can offer you depending on the products you need to send, whether they are food, medicines, clothing or others.