Closeness is the foundation of freight forwarding service

One of the business values that people take most into account is closeness. When we make, for example, an online purchase or transaction, we like the company to respond to our doubts or questions and keep us informed about the product purchased and its transit from the warehouse to our home or the shops.

Years ago, this transparency did not exist and the customer trusted blindly in the company that sold the product and the one that transported it. It was then when sometimes the merchandise was lost or did not arrive at the required destination. The corporate silence was a nuisance for the buyer and damaged the seller’s reputation.

Today, losses, deception and fraud continue happening when we do not work with stores or recognized brands. It is precisely the rise of the Internet that has led to these unfortunate practices. For this reason, the customer must trust the e-commerce that is visiting and make sure is making a safe purchase.

The steps to follow in logistic shipments

One of Logisber’s main values is closeness. We work hand in hand with our customers to achieve success in all transactions of goods they request from us. When a company trusts us, we are totally transparent.

  • Walk together from the first contact.
  • Study the goods to be shipped.
  • Choose the fastest route to the place where it will be sent.
  • Select the most suitable transport for it, whether it is multimodal, by land, sea or air.
  • We make sure that the merchandise crosses customs without problems.
  • Inform the customer of the status of the goods in real time and of the arrival at the destination.

Our extensive experience in the sector has meant that we are in constant communication with the company or individual making the shipment. We know that the goods are important to the customer and we take care of them because they trust us.

At Logisber we keep our word and we prove it in all our freight forwarding operations. Do you need to make a shipment? Contact us now and let’s start working together.