How can goods be exported from Europe to Singapore?

Singapore is an important trading center in Asia. Many international companies from all sectors of activity have their head offices in the country. For European companies looking to expand into Asia, exporting goods to Singapore can be an attractive option.

It is important to take into account the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement. This agreement came into force in 2019 and eliminates tariffs on trade in goods between the two countries and offers new business opportunities in sectors such as services, investment, and public procurement. It also includes provisions on labor and the environment and establishes a mechanism for resolving trade disputes. The purpose of the agreement is to improve market access and promote economic growth on both sides.

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To send products from any European location to this Asian nation, sea or air transport can be used, depending on the needs of each customer in terms of time and cost. The following are the steps to follow in order to ensure the success of our freight forwarding operations.

  • Verify entry requirements: Before exporting to Singapore, it is important to check the entry requirements for that particular type of product. This also includes labelling requirements. Most products must comply with the requirements of the Singapore tariff classification system.
  • Obtain a supplier registration number: This registration number will be requested by the Singapore Customs Authority and is required for the goods to enter the country.
  • Prepare the necessary documentation: Our goods must be accompanied by a series of documents such as a commercial invoice. The documents must be clear and complete to avoid delays at Singapore Customs.
  • Select the type of transport: Air and sea transport are used for exporting goods from Europe to Singapore. Air transport is faster, but sea transport is more cost-effective and more suitable for larger products. In both cases, it is important to bear in mind that if perishable or sensitive products such as food or medicine are being exported, they must be transported at the right conditions of temperature and humidity to prevent them from deteriorating and becoming contaminated.
  • Carry out customs procedures: The customs process must be completed before the goods are allowed into Singapore. It is important to ensure that all documents are in order and to comply with labelling requirements. · Delivery to final destination: Once at the airport or port, the goods must be delivered to the customer via a land transport company.
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Products most exported to Singapore from Europe

The most exported products from Europe to Singapore are machinery, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, electronics and clothing. These goods reach cities all over Singapore, with the capital city and other towns such as Jurong Island and Tuas being the most important ones.

If you need to send goods to Singapore from Europe, it is a good idea to have a logistics operator to help you through the whole process in order to make sure it is a success. At Logisber we have extensive experience in exports from Europe to Asia and specifically to Singapore. Contact Logisber now and our team of professionals will advise you so that your commercial shipment is effective.