How is food transported in containers?

We live in such a globalized world that we can put almost any food product from anywhere in the world on our table, even if it comes from the other side of the world. Decades ago, it was only possible to consume products that were in season. Today, thanks to the logistics chain, which manages the storage, distribution, and transport of goods effectively, it is possible to eat any kind of food all year round.

Many of these foods are transported in containers. These large containers can be transported by container ship in the case of sea transport or by truck or train in the case of land transport. Containers can be of different sizes and are measured in feet, depending on the needs of each logistics operation, and according to the number of kilos or the volume of tons. To achieve this, it is very important to have an experienced logistics operator such as Logisber, who can offer comprehensive advice and take care of all the formalities from the reception of goods to their delivery at the final destination.

The transport of foodstuffs at national and international level is subject to a different set of requirements than the movement of other goods. The temperature and humidity of the cargo during storage, distribution and transport must be appropriate so that foodstuffs such as seeds, rice, sugar, salt, or cereals do not deteriorate. In addition, each country or supranational region or trade zone establishes its own conditions for importing and exporting food products that every company should be aware of before starting a commercial shipment, such as tariffs, duties, transit times or the documentation required at customs.

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Container transport company for foodstuffs by road

If you need to transport bulk foodstuffs in a container, contact us now and the Logisber team will advise you throughout the process, ensuring transparency and traceability so that you know the status and situation of your goods. Regardless of whether it is land transport, sea transport or multimodal transport, we will ensure that your food products arrive correctly at their destination.