How to import electric scooters from China to the EU

Sustainability is becoming more and more important for our society. This is evidenced by the fact that more governments, companies and people are making decisions in favor of the environment and thinking about future generations that will inhabit our world.

Urban development and mobility in cities have changed in recent years. Pedestrians and non-polluting vehicles now play a greater role in cities. If a decade ago it was almost impossible to imagine the transit of electric cars on streets and avenues, this is now a reality. Short-distance electric transport is booming, and this has been reflected in increased demand for scooters.

We do not only find private electric scooters that people buy or give to a relative, but also those that are parked in squares and sidewalks of medium and large cities, and are activated after registering in a mobile application. The councils are committed to this sustainable mobility and are themselves or external companies that implement this type of electric transport.

In contact with electric scooter suppliers

What is the best way to bring to EU this type of products that are usually manufactured in Asia? To import this type of products, it is necessary to know the international transport regulations.

To import into the European Union from a non-EU country, it is essential to know the tariffs that apply according to each cargo and to assess whether it is better to transport by plane, rail or ship. It is important to consider which kind of transport container we will need for the shipment, studying its size and number of feet, the weight of the products, etc.

Surely all these procedures can be a headache for any company wishing to sell electric scooters in its physical or online store in EU. For this reason, it is good to have a logistics operator like Logisber, which works hand in hand with customers and distributors throughout the entire logistics chain. From the moment the scooters are packed by the wholesaler or local supplier in Asia, tracking them in real time, until the batches are transported, arrive at destination and cross customs.

If you need to import electric scooters wholesale and you want the shipping and receiving to be a success, contact us now. At Logisber we will help you with all the logistic procedures.