Is multimodal transport your best freight forwarding option?

Whenever we want to ship goods, we look for a combination of several essential factors such as security, trust or compliance with legislation and transit and delivery times.

As customers of a logistics company, we rely on the service. Usually, we will not be aware of all the process, from receipt of the goods, the path they take and how they are delivered to the final destination.

There are several ways of international transportation, whether by land, sea or air. If the distances are short, the most popular and effective way – as long as the roads are able to circulate – is to make the journey by car, van or truck. Not all countries have roads in good condition, therefore it is sometimes more effective to send the goods by train or plane, especially if the distance exceeds several hundred kilometers and the stations and airports are close to roads that make us reduce the delivery time.

If we refer to the shipment of large quantities of goods, we will have to make the shipment by ship. Those large ships that carry hundreds of containers and sail the seas and oceans of the entire world are well known. Also in this sense, river navigation through large rivers comes into play.

Land, sea and air are three ways of getting cargo from one place to another, but they do not necessarily have to be done in parallel. Multimodal transport is a way of working that brings together these three ways for our goods to travel.

Benefits of multimodal transport

There are many advantages to this freight forwarding option. These are some of them:

  • Different modes of transport are used and grouped together in a single contract
  • It is faster than other methods and expands nationally and internationally
  • It is more efficient in transshipment operations of materials and goods
  • It moves from one mode of transport to another without needing to handle the goods
  • There is no breakage of the load unit, so the goods cannot be separated. It is therefore possible to know at all times where the shipment is located

To these beneficial features we have to add that in recent years the large port terminals have been significantly improved and connected in a formidable way with means of transport such as road, rail and inland waterways. This improvement positively affects the entire logistics chain.

At Logisber we coordinate your multimodal shipments saving time and money. Get to know now our way of working and simplify your transport efficiently.