The Customs Adviser: roles and responsibilities

Millions of products and goods are moved around the world every day. Many of these imports and exports must pass through a border and customs to continue their transit to their final destination. Therefore, having a customs advisor is vital to avoid delays, lack of documentation, loss, or misplacement.

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Their work focuses on ensuring compliance with customs rules and regulations, as well as facilitating and expediting the passage of goods across borders. This professional acts as a key intermediary between companies and customs authorities, providing expert advice to ensure efficient and smooth customs clearance. What are their roles and responsibilities?

  • Customs classification: One of the main roles of the customs assessor is to determine the appropriate tariff classification for imported or exported goods. This task is essential for calculating the duties, taxes and restrictions that will be applied to the goods in each country. An error in classification could result in delays in customs clearance or penalties.
  • Documentation and customs procedures: The customs advisor is in charge of preparing and presenting all the documentation required for cargo clearance, both for imports and exports. This includes preparing commercial invoices, certificates of origin, customs declarations, and other documents necessary to comply with the legal and customs requirements in each country.
  • Regulatory compliance: It is the responsibility of the customs advisor to keep up to date on ever-changing customs and trade regulations. Guaranteeing that import and export operations comply with all current regulations is a crucial part of avoiding legal and customs problems, as well as taking advantage of potential tax benefits and preferential trade agreements.
  • Licenses and permits: On some occasions, the transportation of certain goods may require special licenses or additional permits. The customs advisor is responsible for identifying and managing these requirements, ensuring that the necessary authorizations are in order before the goods are loaded onto a ship, truck, plane, or train.
  • Cost and risk assessment: The customs advisor has significant relevance in the assessment of the costs and risks associated with international trade operations. They analyze tariffs, taxes, logistics costs and possible customs obstacles, providing companies with key information for making strategic business decisions.
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