Which are the least safe countries to export to?

In recent years, international trade has reached new heights thanks to the Internet. Millions of people around the world click every day on their electronic devices to purchase products that might be shipped from other countries, even if they are on the other side of the world.

On many occasions we need to send goods to a country that may seem unsafe to us. We are afraid that the local authorities or any organized groups confiscate our shipment. The same is true if our freight operation crosses borders in a place with unstable government where carriers or cargo may be subject to inconvenience. However, Logisber has an extensive network of advisors in 80 countries who guarantee the safety of our freight forwarding operations.

Several experts and reports define every year which ones are the worst countries to do business in. Most of these nations are affected by corruption and political instability, which affects the entire economic movement in various aspects, from the shipment of goods to the opening of offices. These are the least safe countries to export to:

  • Somalia
  • Eritrea
  • Venezuela
  • Yemen
  • Libya
  • South Sudan
  • Central African Republic
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Chad
  • Timor

Other than these places, exporting to some Central and South American countries, apparently more stable comparing to the previous list such as Bolivia, Nicaragua, Honduras, Ecuador, Argentina, Paraguay or Brazil can also be a headache for any person or company that want to send their goods there.

Likewise, in Europe there are nations where, in some cases, the transit of goods is not easy. See the case of the United Kingdom, where the Brexit has become a problem that hinders the country’s international trade with other countries in the old continent or from outside.

We also have to say that some incidents might happen by passing by passing through the Suez Canal or the Panama Canal by ship.

The best company for exporting to conflict countries

Thanks to Logisber’s extensive experience in export, certification and customs, these problems can be solved in an optimal way. Our company knows how to deal with these countries and their borders so that the freight forwarding operations reach their destination correctly, whether by land, sea or air transport.

Do you need to send goods to one of the countries mentioned above? Contact us now and we will ensure that your goods cross borders and customs and arrive safely.