What types of customs duties are there in Spain?

When we do freight forwarding operations outside our borders, we have to bear in mind the customs duties. In most countries, we have to pay taxes for our goods to enter or leave the place.

It should be recalled that the tariff is the tax applied to all the goods that are subject to import and export. Tariffs are harmonized by the European Union and are the same for all countries belonging to this community.

In Spain there are several types of customs tariffs:

  • Value-added tariffs. These are tariffs applied as a fixed percentage of the price or customs value of the product. They are also known as Ad Valorem.
  • Specific tariffs. They are the ones where the tax does not depend on the number of products that we export or import. In these tariffs a fixed percentage per unit that crosses customs is established.
  • Combined tariffs. This tariff is a combination of value-added or Ad Valorem tariffs with specific tariffs.
  • Zero tariffs. These are tariffs that affect goods when two or more countries reach an agreement. This helps the transit of products between these nations.

Agile and efficient logistics in customs in Spain

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