How do we export from Europe to Paraguay?

Today, trade between different countries around the world is commonplace. In the south of the American continent, Paraguay is one of the countries that has become a destination for many European exports.

Exporting from Europe to Paraguay involves following a series of key steps to ensure that the goods arrive safely and that all customs regulations are complied with.


Exporting to any Paraguayan city is an opportunity for companies from Europe to expand their international reach, but it is essential to carefully plan each stage of the process to avoid problems and maximize success in the Paraguayan market. What steps should be considered when exporting products and goods from any European country to Paraguay?

  • Know the market: Before starting any export process, it is important to know and study the Paraguayan market. Research the demand, competition, regulations, and specific requirements for the product to be exported.
  • Documentation and registration: It is necessary to know all the required commercial documents, such as the tax identification number and the exporter’s registration in the country of origin, as well as to know what documentation is required by the National Customs Department of Paraguay.
  • Packaging and labelling: We must ensure that the products to be exported are correctly packaged and labeled in accordance with Paraguayan regulations.
  • Customs documents: It is necessary for the exporting company to complete all the necessary export documents, such as the commercial invoice, packing list, certificate of origin or customs declaration.
  • Select the type of transport: Selecting the right method of transport is essential, whether by container ship or cargo aircraft. To send our goods from Europe to Paraguay we will have to consider whether we opt for speed or lower cost.
que es lo que mas se importa en Paraguay

What are the most imported goods in Paraguay?

In 1992, the European Union (EU) and Paraguay established a Cooperation Framework to strengthen their bilateral relations. The EU is one of the main foreign investors in the country, together with Mercosur and China.

The products most exported to Paraguay from European countries are food and beverages, chemical products, clothing, vehicles, pharmaceuticals, wood and heavy machinery. These goods are shipped throughout Paraguay by overland transport. The cities where most exports are sent and from which most imports are made are:

  • Asunción
  • Ciudad del Este
  • San Lorenzo
  • Encarnación
  • Luque
  • Fernando de la Mora
  • Villarrica
  • Caaguazú
  • Pedro Juan Caballero
  • Concepción

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