How can an excavator be transported by sea?

Maritime freight transport is one of the most popular and standardised modes of transport worldwide. It is common to see large container ships crossing the seas and oceans, transporting all kinds of goods from one part of the world to another. But how can heavy machinery be transported, for example, an excavator, by boat?

This is a special type of transport that differs from the usual transport of smaller goods, as these are products that do not fit in standard containers. This kind of logistical operation involves other types of regulations and requirements that affect, among other aspects, insurance and the price of transporting machinery.

At Logisber we are experts in transporting heavy machinery both by sea and by land, as a whole or in parts. We have the appropriate transport units for the safe shipment of all types of heavy machinery, including industrial, agricultural, mining and construction-related equipment:

  • Transportation of heavy machinery such as excavators, tractors, harvesters, bulldozers, backhoes, cranes, draglines or bulldozers.
  • Transportation of oversized cargo, which is characterised by the fact that it is inseparable and exceeds the dimensions of the bodywork of conventional vehicles.
  • Transportation of special cargo units.

Our professionals have more than 15 years of experience in Project Cargo and are in charge of the care and transport of the machinery, complying with the regulations of each country, as well as taking care of all the documentation required in customs at the destination. In addition, it should be noted that the transfers before and after the shipment by boat are carried out by road in special lorries designed for the transport of these large vehicles. At Logisber we take care of the whole process.

transporte de maquinaria pesada excavadora maritimo contenedor logisber

Customised transportation of heavy machinery

Each of the logistics operations we implement is fully customised. That is why in the case of heavy machinery we analyse the size, volume and weight of the item to be transported. We ensure that cargo is shipped in accordance with the stipulated regulations with comprehensive protection.

Do you need to ship heavy machinery to another country or locally within our borders? Contact us now and Logisber’s team of professionals will answer all your questions and assist you throughout the logistics process with maximum confidence and transparency so that the excavator, or any other type of machinery, reaches its destination at the lowest possible cost and in the shortest possible time.