The transport of food by air from Europe to the United States and vice versa

The commercial operations that cross the Atlantic Ocean on a daily basis serve the demands of thousands of companies in European countries and all over the United States of America. Transporting food by air between any city in Europe and the United States is a key logistical process that requires careful planning and execution.

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It is the fastest means of transport between the two continents but is more costly than shipping goods by container ship. What steps do we have to take to export or import goods by air from Europe to the US or vice versa?

  • Logistical planning: this begins with detailed route planning and the choice of the destination and origin airport. Factors such as the perishable nature of the food, temperature, and humidity requirements inside the cargo aircraft, as well as customs regulations must be considered.
  • Technical and sanitary regulations: technical and sanitary regulations in both EU and US must be complied with. This includes quality certificates, sanitary registrations and compliance with food safety standards determined in each region.
  • Packaging and labelling: food must be properly packaged to ensure its integrity during air transport. Clear labelling that complies with the regulations of both countries as well as international legislation is also required.
  • Refrigerated transport: Given the perishable nature of many foods that we may export or import, it is necessary to use temperature-controlled refrigerated air transport. This will guarantee that our food products arrive in optimal conditions and that the cold chain is not broken.
  • Customs documentation: the necessary customs documents must be prepared and presented for the import or export of food products. This includes commercial invoices, customs declarations, and other specific documents.
  • Food safety: we must implement measures to ensure food safety throughout the journey. This involves monitoring the cold chain, performing quality controls, and taking measures to prevent cross-contamination.
Los tratados comerciales entre Estados Unidos y Europa

Trade agreements between the United States and Europe

As well as following these steps, it is necessary to know the regulations and trade treaties in force before starting our commercial operation from the United States or Europe.

For example, companies must follow European Union (EU) regulations related to food safety, labelling and transport of goods. This includes compliance with regulations such as Regulation (EC) 178/2002, which sets out the general principles and requirements of food law in the EU. Similarly, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations and other regulations related to the importation of food into the United States must be followed.

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We help companies carry out their freight forwarding operations in an effective, personalized, traceable, and secure manner. If you wish to transport food between any European city and any US city, contact Logisber now and we will design a strategic shipping plan according to your specific needs.