Logisber launches a new air freight department from Madrid

When a logistics company has a new airfreight department, it can help boost its operational efficiency and meet the needs of its customers more effectively. Logisber has launched a new air freight department at Adolfo Suarez Madrid- Barajas airport.

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In recent years, the freight forwarder has focused on air transport, with the aim of offering super-shortened delivery times and optimized routes. Logisber has also been an IATA agent since 2009. Thanks to this certification, this logistics operator could be considered a specialist in air logistics and regulations.

But what are the characteristics of Logisber’s new air freight department?

  • Speed and efficiency: Air transport is known for its speed and ability to reduce transit times. By having an airfreight department in Madrid, Logisber can take advantage of these benefits to speed up the shipment of products and meet its customers’ delivery expectations more effectively. The resulting speed and efficiency not only improve customer satisfaction but can also provide a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace.
  • Greater reach: Today, Logisber can quickly and directly connect Southern Europe and Morocco with anywhere on the planet, our main trade routes being the Americas (North, Central and South), the Caribbean, Middle East, and Far East. Having an airfreight department in Madrid opens up new business opportunities and strengthens the company’s international presence.
  • Flexibility and responsiveness: Logisber’s airfreight department in Madrid allows you to adjust your transport capacity in a more agile way, either by increasing or reducing shipments as needed. This facilitates efficient supply chain management and greater responsiveness to unforeseen situations, such as seasonal demand or changes in market conditions.
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This new airfreight department in Madrid offers a better airfreight service by meeting the needs of agents and partners in a personalized and targeted manner. All this through a control tower that improves the optimization and coordination of shipments.

Mario Guerrero, Logisber Air Freight Manager, coordinates a team of professionals and experts in air regulations and customs, who are in constant training and have extensive experience in this type of shipments.

If you want to optimize your logistics using air transport, contact Logisber now and our team of professionals will show you our professional services to work in a personalized way, with traceability, safety and without delays.