Types of ships for international cargo transport

International freight transport plays a key role in the global economy, enabling the exchange of goods and products of all kinds between countries and continents. One of the most common ways of transporting goods on a large scale is via ships specially designed for this purpose.

Types of ships for international cargo transport

These ships offer huge cargo capacities and are capable of transporting a wide range of products, from raw materials to manufactured goods. But what kinds of ships can be found crossing seas and oceans transporting goods?

  • Container ship: Especially designed to transport standardized containers. Its modular design allows efficient loading and unloading of containers at ports and terminals by stowage works. Container ships are one of the most common types of vessels used in the maritime transport of goods and are ideal for packaged products and manufactured goods.
  • Bulk carrier ship: Transports bulk cargo of products such as minerals, food grains, coal and bulk chemicals. They can have different configurations, such as dry bulk carriers or liquid bulk carriers. This type of ship has a large cargo capacity and is crucial in the mining and agricultural industries.
  • Oil tanker: Used to transport petroleum products, such as crude oil, gasoline, diesel, and other liquid fuels. It is designed with special tanks to safely store and transport dangerous goods.
  • Barges: Vessels used to transport goods on rivers and canals. They are suitable for bulky and heavy cargo, such as bulk products, general cargo, and construction materials. Barges are usually assisted by tugboats and are essential for river and coastal transport.
  • Roll-on/roll-off (RORO or ro-ro) ships: Used to transport cars, trucks, trailers or heavy machinery, allowing vehicles to be driven on board and then parked and secured during the voyage.
empresa de Transporte maritimo seguro personalizado a medida

Safe, customized, and made-to-measure maritime transportation

To ship merchandise by sea, it is necessary to have all the documentation required to ensure the smooth movement of the products. Additionally, if the cargo is perishable, it is essential to have containers equipped with refrigeration systems that ensure the necessary temperature and humidity to guarantee the preservation of the products, such as food or pharmaceutical products.

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