What products can be exported to the United States?

The United States is one of the most powerful economies in the world. That is why hundreds of companies from all over the world have commercial interests in this North American country. Every day, freight forwarding operations are carried out to the United States from countries in the rest of the American continent and from elsewhere in the world, such as Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania.

Before starting any commercial export shipment to the United States, we must know its rules, regulations, customs legislation, tariff regime, customs procedures and all the requirements for the entry of our merchandise into the country. In addition, our products must be perfectly labeled so that the passage through U.S. Customs is as smooth as possible. U.S. Customs officials administer customs duties and are responsible for collecting duties and taxes on goods entering the nation. Depending on the country from which the product is being shipped, the regulations vary, as may be the case with shipments to other nations on the continent or with shipments made from the European Union.

For all this it is essential to have the help and support of a logistics operator with extensive experience as Logisber. We will advise you effectively since we are a customs broker and we will expedite all the procedures at the airport or port of entry so that your merchandise arrives to any city in the United States without delay.

Most exported goods to the United States

As a general rule, any product can be exported to the United States and the usual transportation is by sea or air.

  • Exporting food to the United States: Vacuum packaging and proper labeling of food (oil, ham, etc.) and beverages (wine, cava, etc.) must be ensured. To prevent food from deteriorating, temperature-controlled transport is essential in this type of commercial shipments.
  • Exporting vehicles to the United States: Whether cars and motorcycles, or bicycles and scooters. In this sense, electric vehicles have been growing rapidly in recent years, since they allow moving around large and medium-sized cities without causing pollution. Great attention should be paid to the import of automotive accessories.

Other products exported to the US include capital goods, medicines and pharmaceuticals; medical devices; manufacturing and semi-manufacturing; products related to nanotechnology and biotechnology; consumer durables, machinery; aviation and water treatment equipment; and also raw materials and everything related to the textile, clothing and fashion industries, and the video game sector.

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How much does it cost to export to the United States? Tariffs and formalities

Depending on the country involved, the price of shipping will vary, considering characteristics such as geographical distance, weight and volume of the products, dimensions and type of container required for exporting, etc. To this it is necessary to add the tariffs and the bureaucratic part and of documents.

Do you need to export goods or products to the United States on an occasional or recurring basis? Contact us now and our team will advise you on all the steps to take so that your shipment reaches its destination efficiently and safely.