What are the advantages and disadvantages of air transport?

Freight can be transported in different ways. For long-distance freight forwarding operations, air, sea and rail are often used. Road transport in vehicles such as trucks and vans is also common for long-distance trade.

However, for short distances, road transit by motor vehicles and even bicycles is common, if the circumstances permit. In addition, if the geography is difficult, such as access to an island or to overcome mountains, air transport by plane or helicopter, or boats to cross the sea or ocean, are also commonly used.

All means of transportation have a number of advantages, but also disadvantages. In this article we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of importing and exporting products by air, both domestically and internationally. We will start by listing the advantages:

  • Air transport is fast. Airplanes currently reach high speeds in flight and this reduces shipping times. This is beneficial for any product, especially for food and pharmaceutical or medical material that requires specific storage and temperature conditions.
  • It is reliable. There are relative legislations in the air transport that guarantee that it is a safe transport and that our shipment will not suffer any type of deterioration.
  • It arrives everywhere. Through air transport you can reach any destination, within normal conditions and as long as it is not a danger. There are several models of air transport such as airplanes, helicopters and drones.

This ease of movement of goods by air has a number of possibilities but also some drawbacks.

  • It is more expensive than other types of transport because fuel is expensive. The greater the number of goods to be introduced, for example, in the hold of an airplane, the more profitable air transit will be.
  • It has capacity limits. The cargo capacity of an airplane is limited. It is not like that of a ship, in which a large number of containers with goods of any size can be transported. The hold of an aircraft has specific dimensions, as well as a weight, which cannot be exceeded. This also applies to other means of transport such as drones or helicopters. In addition, dangerous goods or waste cannot be transported in this type of vehicle.
  • It is more polluting than other more sustainable means of transport such as electric vehicles.
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How does the climate affect air freight transport?

Another variable that affects both positively and negatively the shipment of goods by air is the weather. A storm or other adverse weather conditions can paralyze the takeoff of an aircraft. This can also affect sea and land transport but to a lesser extent. Equally, stable weather will benefit freight forwarding operations.

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