Forwarding operations with IATA Agent: 100% guaranteed security and excellence

Safety and trust in the logistics company are two of the most important issues when we want to make a shipment. Especially if it contains sensitive or fragile products with a high value of transaction.

For many of these freight forwarding operations, air transport is used, either to reduce travel time, because it is an area that is better accessed by air, or because it is more effective than by land or sea.

International Air Transport Association (IATA) guarantees safety and excellence in air traffic. It is the world’s largest airline trade association, comprising nearly 300 airlines and accounting for more than 80% of international air traffic.

Its mission is to represent, lead and serve the airline industry. It also works to help airlines operate safely, efficiently and economically under clearly defined rules.

Requirements to become an IATA agent

At Logisber we have the IATA agent certification, which means we are responsible of carrying out the necessary steps and procedures so that the cargo that is transported by air arrives at its destination.

Thanks to it, the air transit of goods is more effective. At Logisber we are recognized for our financial and professional competence, both inside and outside the logistics sector, and in the transport of goods. In fact, airlines working with Logisber have access to a worldwide distribution network for transporting goods.

According to the IATA, “airlines annually transport more than 52 million tons of goods“, and it is precisely thanks to the good performance of IATA agents such as Logisber that all this transit is taking place.

To obtain these benefits and advantages, it is necessary to comply with a series of requirements and standards that ensure that IATA’s mission and vision are carried out.

If you need to make an international shipment by air and you want to be sure that they reach their destination safely and on time, trust Logisber. Contact us now and let’s work together effectively and with quality.