What are the advantages and disadvantages of maritime transport?

Maritime transport is one of the most widely used transport methods globally for international logistics operations. It is used by companies that have to export or import goods between countries and continents that are separated by oceans and seas.

Huge cargo ships carry hundreds of containers every day carrying goods of all kinds. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of this method of transport?

Advantages of maritime transport

  • Secure trade operations.
  • Reliable ally of foreign trade.
  • Traceability in the logistics process with secure, labelled and sealed containers at the port of origin.
  • Large volume shipments.
  • High tonnage shipments.
  • Shipping containers can also be used for onward transport by road or rail.
  • More economical than other transport methods.
  • Enables dangerous goods to be transported.
  • Less polluting than other modes of transport and promotes green logistics.
  • If a shipment is made up of a small quantity of goods, they can be placed in a container with other goods and share the costs.

Disadvantages of maritime transport

  • Must be combined with other transport modes such as land and, in some cases, by air, in order to reach the final destination.
  • It can sometimes be slower than other types of transport.
  • Cost surcharges can occur when crossing areas such as the Panama Canal.
  • Weather conditions in seas and oceans can alter and delay journeys.
  • Not often used for domestic trade.
  • Not all countries have ports equipped to accommodate large container ships.
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