How can medicines be transported by air at a controlled temperature?

In shipping and logistics, there are some products that are particularly sensitive and may deteriorate during storage, transport and distribution. The health, medical and pharmaceutical sector is well aware of this and requires high standards of safety, quality and control of its products so that none of them are wasted.

Using air transport to ship goods such as medicines and other medical devices is one of the best options because it is fast. Planes can help send medicines, vaccines or medical supplies from one country to another at a speed that land transport by road or rail, or sea transport by container ship, cannot guarantee.

It is essential to have the help and advice of a company such as Logisber to carry out these freight forwarding operations. We are experts in medical and pharmaceutical logistics. We have optimised pharmaceutical supply chains, with controlled temperatures and conditions. As a result, we ensure the quality of the transport of medicines and pharmaceutical products, offering total transparency to our customers, who can check the status and situation of their goods in real time.

This is reinforced for every export or import as we rigorously follow the Good Distribution Practices (GPD), which set the minimum standards that must be met to ensure that the quality and integrity of medicines are maintained throughout the supply chain. In addition, we offer comprehensive control and validation of the entire logistics chain.

We work on a personalised basis with each of our clients and offer them solutions for receiving, handling and packaging products, as well as active and passive control of products assigned for air transport.

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Sending medicines by temperature-controlled aircraft

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