How can wood be transported?

Wood is one of the most widely used natural resources in the world. As well as being used for building houses and furniture, wood is also used as a raw material for the production of paper and other consumer products. Due to its huge economic potential, the transportation of wood is a vital activity in the timber industry.

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It is important to take into account the size of tree trunks. They must be securely tied so that they do not move or fall off during transportation. Safety is essential to avoid incidents that could affect the cargo, people or other elements. There are different ways of transporting wood.

  • Land transport: Trucks and trains are the most common methods used to transport timber from one place to another. Trucks are ideal for transporting timber over short distances or in areas that are difficult to access, especially when extracting tree trunks from forests. Railroads are used to transport large quantities of timber to locations that are further afield. Land transportation of timber is more economical than other means of transport.
  • Air transport: Logs are not usually transported in cargo planes due to the weight of the logs. It is quite common to ship wooden items and objects such as furniture, boards, doors, etc. by air. Air transport is faster but also more expensive and can deliver to places all over the world.
  • Maritime transport: Historically, transportation via canals and rivers has been the most common way of transporting logs. Centuries ago, timber was transported by river from the forests, to be treated and cut and used to build houses and buildings. Today, ships are a widely used method for transporting large quantities of timber, even across seas and oceans. Shipping timber by sea is also very safe and efficient.
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A company that transports wood safely and securely

Safety is a key element in the export and import of timber. Because the goods are so bulky and heavy, they are regarded as special cargo and shipments must be well labelled and marked. The product must also be transported by qualified professionals who know how to secure the goods to the vehicle so that they do not move or shift during transport.

In order to carry out this type of freight forwarding operation, it is very helpful to have the support and advice of a specialized logistics operator. At Logisber we carry out transportation of all types of sizes and volumes, in a personalized, safe and fully guaranteed manner.

If you are interested in transporting wood, contact Logisber now and our team of professionals will advise you on the steps you need to follow to ensure the successful transportation of your goods, taking into account the fastest routes, cost, travel time, tariffs and customs clearance in the case of international transport.