How to export from Castilla y León?

Castilla y León is an autonomous community of Spain that exports products and goods to other Spanish regions and abroad. This area in the north of the Iberian Peninsula is made up of 9 provinces: Avila, Segovia, Salamanca, Soria, Palencia, Burgos, Valladolid, Leon and Zamora. All of them export every day and there are many companies that obtain a large part of their profits by sending their products to other parts of the world.

To export from Castilla y León, it is necessary to be aware of the current regulations on logistics and transport, whether national, to ship to the rest of the autonomous communities of Spain; supranational, to send to other countries of the European Union (EU); or international, when the recipient is outside the common market. In this last case it is necessary to check the tariffs, customs, requirements, etc. to avoid any unexpected incident or event in the freight forwarding operation.

European Union countries such as France, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, and Germany are the main importers of products from Castilla y León. Exports to countries outside the EU are less frequent than those in the EU. However, goods are also exported from cities in Castille y Léon to countries such as the United Kingdom, Turkey, Poland, Morocco, Lithuania, the United States, Sweden, Japan, China, South Korea, Russia or the Middle East region.

Having the help of a logistics operator like Logisber helps companies to forget about all the bureaucratic procedures. In addition, transit times are reduced, whether in land transport by truck or train, by plane or ship, and exports are much more efficient and fluid.

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Which are the most exported products from Castilla y León?

In terms of volume, cars stand out in the list of exports, thanks to the strong industry in the region. Foodstuffs are also of significance, including those linked to the meat sector, such as ham, eggs and dairy products such as milk, cheese and yoghurt.

Other exports include beverages, medicines and pharmaceutical products, tobacco, heavy machinery for industry, capital goods, chemical products, paper and semi-manufactured iron and steel products. It is essential to understand the transport conditions that these goods must meet to prevent them from deteriorating during transit to their destination, for example, the transport of foodstuffs that must be carried in hygienic conditions and at the right temperature.

Do you manage a company from Castilla y León and want to export products and goods? Contact us now and our team will advise you on all the steps to follow for an optimal and effective transport.