How to transport chemicals in a safe and secure way nationally and internationally

Today’s logistics companies can transport all kinds of goods. Thanks to national and international regulations regarding safety in the transport of goods, society and the environment are protected from any incident that may occur during the transport of products. This issue is particularly sensitive when it comes to chemicals, where incorrect handling or accidental spillage of corrosive material can cause a natural disaster and affect people’s health.

There is an international classification that categorizes the types of goods that can be exported and imported globally. This list of chemicals and substances is clearly defined and is associated with a specific type of label, which helps to identify them both for carriers and national authorities as well as for citizens, for example, who may be driving their vehicles on the road in the vicinity of a lorry that transports chemicals.

Due to their hazardous nature, it is helpful to have the advice and support of an experienced and authorized logistics operator such as Logisber when storing, distributing, or transporting chemical products. We are experts in the transportation of hazardous goods and, in particular, of chemical products for laboratories, cleaning or domestic use in the home. Due to their composition, industrial chemicals must be handled with care and according to very specific guidelines to avoid accidents.

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Requirements for the transportation of chemical products

At Logisber we take this issue very seriously and we carry out the correct labelling of each of the chemical products that we store in our facilities.

Furthermore, from the moment the goods arrive at our premises until they are distributed and transported, our clients have transparent information about the condition and location of their products. All this, thanks to our traceability. They can be exported and imported in various ways:

  • Land transport by road by truck or van, or by train. Ideal for transport locally or nationally. More economical than other types of logistics.
  • Maritime transport in large container ships. This is the best option for shipping chemicals when there are long distances between exporter and importer.
  • Air transport in an aircraft equipped for transporting air cargo. This is the fastest and most costly method of transport.

If you wish to ship chemical products as safely as possible, contact us and the Logisber team will inform you of the steps to follow and give you information on all questions related to the transport of hazardous chemical products and substances, such as the necessary permits you must have, the documentation required at customs, tariffs at borders, airports and ports, etc.


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