The port of Bilbao is one of the fastest ports in the logistics sector

The port of Bilbao is one of the most efficient logistics centers in the so-called “European Atlantic Arc”. It plays a crucial role in national and international logistics activity thanks to its strategic location as one of the gateways to and from Europe to America and other parts of the world.

Its characteristics provide a unique combination of tradition and modernity, offering functional facilities and docks with draughts of up to 32 meters, which allow the handling of various goods. At Logisber we use this port to implement our forwarding operations in an ideal way.

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One of the aspects that places the port of Bilbao at the forefront of logistics is its network of land and rail connections, linking it with dry ports in the center of the Iberian Peninsula such as Villafría, Azuqueca or Coslada. These connections facilitate the fluid, fast and efficient transit of goods, consolidating its position as an agile and dynamic port.

UNIPORT: An association at the service of the companies operating in the port of Bilbao

UNIPORT helps us by defending common interests and active participation in solutions and proposals. In addition, the association also channels any needs or demands we may have in our day-to-day work in the port of Bilbao. UNIPORT also supports the commercial work of Logisber and all the associated companies through market analysis, statistical reports, and the organization of trade missions, helping to consolidate the position of the Port of Bilbao as a first-class logistics leader.

The port of Bilbao is expected to continue to grow in the coming years and this will also increase our activity in the area. At Logisber we offer a comprehensive international maritime transport service for conventional cargo, adapting to the needs of each client, either through regular services or chartering.

Our Break Bulk department is located in the Bilbao office, where we control our “Conventional Cargo” operations, providing efficient solutions for the transport of non-containerized goods, such as wind blades, cranes and steel products. Our presence in the north of Spain benefits industrial companies, offering a real alternative to containers in a market marked by high freight costs.

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At our head office in Bilbao we have a chartering division, focused on optimizing transport costs and efficiently managing the logistics chain of each of our clients. All this guarantees cargo security and smooth logistical operations, benefiting companies in the metallurgical, construction and energy sectors.

In addition, we also offer our usual portfolio of services: sea and air freight, tailored and customized logistics solutions, customs clearance and foreign trade consulting.

If you want your goods to transit efficiently and quickly through the Northern Zone of Spain, contact Logisber now. Our team of professionals at our headquarters in Bilbao will inform you in a personalized and transparent way about all the services we can offer you.